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Molla イメージ

As there are many fields which require an angler to switch between rods, the Molla series provides a model for every situation.
The rod is designed with a balance of style and versatility, that’s expected by anglers who seek accurate performance in bass fishing. From the butt to the tip, this series adopts X Carbonology, an improved version of the previous series which was very well-received by anglers around the world. With an improved design and blank, anglers can expect to enjoy greater performance in more challenging fields.
The range of Molla rods include Spinning models:
Bait casting models: 「BAIT FINESSE」・
Choosing the right rod depends on the conditions and specifications based on lures.
The Molla series makes it possible to reduce power lost in the twisting action when hooking up a fish by exerting on the power of the blank.
In addition, when retrieving and fighting,
the Molla contributes to a linear usability with its blank that pursues further practicality in challenging situations.

Molla 製品イメージ


S.T Focus2 Graphite Casting Model

Demonstrates the original aggressive specs of bait finesse.
A bait finesse model that is highly compatible with lightweight lures and bait tackles. More than just a spinning model. It has the advantages of highly accurate casting performance, good rework, and the ability to use thick lines.It has a tough butt section that complements the delicate tip of Extra First.
6ft.7inc.   2pc.   Power:L   Action:Ex-Fast   3-10g Lures   6-12lb Line   Rod Wt.128g    

This rod defines bait finesse.

Uncompromised real feel with sensitive solid tip.
The only solid tip model in 20 Molla. Sensitive tip is achieved through technical millimeter manipulation.Molla boasts its creativity and is fully compatible with finesse in this slightly short-length model.This light-feather feeling deepens with the image of an underwater rig.
6ft.2inc.   1pc.   Power:ML   Action:XX-Fast   5-18g Lures   8-14lb Line   Rod Wt.108g    

Light pitching model that accurately captures shallow spots.
The best model for targeting spots accurately, mainly in Light Texas. It is easy to grasp the load of the tip even with the rig, and it is sure obtain distance with its excellent castability.Great with lures, soft plastics, shallow crank, top water.Also ideal for water plugs.
6ft.5inc.   2pc.   Power:ML   Action:Fast   5-18g Lures   8-14lb Line   Rod Wt.124g    

Medium power basic model that forms the core of the series.
A model specializing in search bait due to its high cast performance due to its natural bending.Ideal for a wide range of exploration styles with hard lures, for swimming jigs and worms.The height and balance of the model forms the core of this series that also handles light rigs well.
6ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:M   Action:Fast   7-21g Lures   8-16lb Line   Rod Wt.129g    

A model that cannot be removed from shore fishing.
Excellent in length and power balance to handle a wide range of power games, and excellent in bottom search.This is compatible with Texas rigs, rubber jigs, and all middleweight hard lures. This model is the definitive rod for shore fishing.
6ft.7inc.   2pc.   Power:MH   Action:Fast   10-28g Lures   10-20lb Line   Rod Wt.131g    

S.T Focus2 Graphite Spinning Models

The core of spinning models that supports a wide range of light rigs.
It is a high balance model that can handle long casts for all light rigs. With more than sufficient butt power, it is a versatile rod that is also perfect for shore fishing. For tough and nervous bass, it also supports rigs that use readers such as shots. This model is also good with small plugs such as suspend shad.
6ft.7inc.   2pc.   Power:L   Action:Fast   3-7g Lures   3-8lb Line   Rod Wt.102g    

Shaking rod action on this model brings life to a direct rig.
It is a model for styles that make heavy use of shaking techniques such as small rubber jigs and wacky rigs.This is a moderate fast action rod that facilitates continuous shaking of its stroke width.A unique model that keeps the big bass away from obstacles, gives tight control and has the power to hold.
6ft.5inc.   2pc.   Power:L Plus   Action:Moderate Fast   3-10g Lures   3-8lb Line   Rod Wt.103g    

A shore fishing rod that gives high power and a spinning model with excellent long-distance casting performance.
It gives long-distance casting space with a medium light power arrangement to increase casting potential.Choose this all-purpose model for a versatile shore fishing style.Plugging mainly for soft bait, 3 / 8oz, spinner bait, medium size Molla supports a wide range of products.
7ft.3inc.   2pc.   Power:ML Plus   Action:Fast   4-12g Lures   4-12lb Line   Rod Wt.117g    
Model No. Length Piece Power Action Lure Line Rod Wt.
MGGC-67L2XF 〔BAIT FINESSE] 6ft.7inc. 2 L Ex-Fast 3-10g 6-12lb 128g
MGGC-62MLXXF 〔FINE OPERARION] 6ft.2inc. 1 ML XX-Fast 5-18g 8-14lb 108g
MGGC-65ML2F 〔LIGHT PITCHIN'] 6ft.5inc. 2 ML Fast 5-18g 8-14lb 124g
MGGC-66M2F 〔SEARCHER FAST MOVING] 6ft.6inc. 2 M Fast 7-21g 8-16lb 129g
MGGC-67MH2F 〔JIG'N WORM] 6ft.7inc. 2 MH Fast 10-28g 10-20lb 131g
MGGS-67L2F 〔ULTIMATE FINESSEl] 6ft.7inc. 2 L Fast 3-7g 3-8lb 102g
MGGS-65L+2MF 〔SHAKING SPECIALITY] 6ft.5inc. 2 L Plus Moderate Fast 3-10g 3-8lb 103g
MGGS-73ML+2F 〔BANK FISHER] 7ft.3inc. 2 ML Plus Fast 4-12g 4-12lb 117g
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