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Shore Gun F

Shore Gun F イメージ

Shore Gun was created in pursuit of the best shore casting rod performance for beach fishing styles like Shore slow, Eging etc,
Shore Gun F inherits the performance of Shore Gun EVOLV.
You can enjoy "Real Rod" at a reasonable price.
"Real rod, Real savings"

Shore Gun F 製品イメージ


Shore Slow Models

The biggest feature of the Shore Slow, is this model has power on the rod tip.
The tip power can provide precise control for jigs by only the bounce motion of the rod tip.
Choosing a rod power according to fish activity, you can enjoy the best part of Shore slow fishing.

992SS this versatile model designed for shore slow. We recommend starting using it when you don’t know the situation of the day.This rod can control jigs accurately in the water by the equipped small diameter rod guides and developing tip power.
9ft.9inc.   2pc.   Power:2   20-40g Lures   6-20lb Line   #0.6-#2.0 PE Line   Rod Wt.205g    

Specially designed for big lure action effects on shore slow when the target is high activity. 993SS makes possible to fish jigs accurately and tempting a bite with the falling of the jigs. This rod is indispensable for slow jigging required to identify every situation with effective action. Also it can be a main rod when you fish with 60g lures.
9ft.9inc.   2pc.   Power:3   30-60g Lures   8-30lb Line   #0.8-#3.0 PE Line   Rod Wt.232g    


How to select a rod?
In the case of shore slow fishing you do not just choose a rod according to the fish size. It’s chosen by the width you want moving of lure action. When fish is high activity, 993 is good. When it’s low, 992 suit for the situation.
How big can we catch with Shore Slow model?
The No.1 priority of shore slow is how we can get a bite from the fish when the fish bite doesn't come easily. So even if we are fishing the field where we can try for 10kg fish and the target bites only the action with 992, 992 should be chosen. The 992 provides the softest and most delicate action in this series. The basic of the fighting against big fish is keeping the rod angle of 45 degrees.

Shore Casting Model

The SHORE CASTING model features a medium heavy rod action consisting of a specially designed soft tip action.
SHORE CASTING series are pursued to reduce miss bites, when fish attacks lures while focusing on retrieving fishing and hook up hardly. Also they can cast light weight lures smoothly.

103MH is the best to cast heavy weight lures like larger sized minnows, jig minnow, metal vibration etc. In spite of smooth rod bend during casting, the butt power has potential to control big fish after hooking up.
10ft.3inc.   2pc.   Power:MH   15-50g Lures   10-30lb Line   #1.0-#3.0 PE Line   Rod Wt.226g    


What is the different with BL model?
All SHORE CASTING models consist of a medium heavy action with a soft tip section. On the other hand BL series have power at the tip section even if due to its fast taper action. Because this of BL series are designed to control heavy lures certainly.

Bluerunner Models

The feature of BL model is it has power at the tip section even though it posses a fast taper action.
It not only possible to control plugs but also jigs easily.
The butt section produces solid turning power when you hook up strong tugging migratory fish.
“Fuji guides” are set after much experimentation. It makes possible to enjoy fishing to avoid tangling line to the guides in cross- windy day.

103H+ is the core model designed for light shore jigging. The rod length covers various fields like rocky shore, sea wall and surf. This rod blank has the ability to perform full casting delivery of up to maximum 70g lures.
10ft.3inc.   2pc.   Power:H plus   20-70g Lures   12-13lb Line   #1.2-#3.0 PE Line   Rod Wt.278g    

103XH designed for moderate shore jigging assumed 3kg class of fish. It’s possible to doing full cast maximum 100g jigs. The 103X has the ability to control heavy class minnows and top water plugs with ease.
10ft.3inc.   2pc.   Power:XH plus   30-100g Lures   15-40lb Line   #1.5-#4.0 PE Line   Rod Wt.293g    


Are BL series special rods capable to use for jigging?
Yes It’s possible to use BL series for both Jigging and top water plug too.

Eging Models

EGING model have sharp casting feeling and the lightness that allows you to keep jigging the lure all day long.
To avoid extra rod vibration by the fast taper blank, The EGING model provides the best performance for casting, jerking and hooking up.

86ML makes possible doing sensitive fishing and doing long cast. You can manipulate the size 2 – 3.5# Egi at will. It will support your fishing under the high pressure.
8ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:ML   #2-#3.5 Egi   #0.4-#1.0 PE Line   Rod Wt.106g    

86M has plenty of length and power to cover various eging fields like rocky shore, sea wall and surf. It’s designed to use 3.5# Egi.
8ft.6inc.   2pc.   Power:M   #2.5-#4 Egi   #0.6-#1.2 PE Line   Rod Wt.110g    
Model No. Length Piece Power Lure Line PE Rod Wt.
FOSS-992・SS 9ft.9inc. 2 2 20-40g 6-20lb #0.6-#2.0 205g
FOSS-993・SS 9ft.9inc. 2 3 30-60g 8-30lb #0.8-#3.0 232g
FOSS-103MH 10ft.3inc. 2 MH 15-50g 10-30lb #1.0-#3.0 226g
FOSS-103H+・BL 10ft.3inc. 2 H plus 20-70g 12-13lb #1.2-#3.0 278g
FOSS-103XH・BL 10ft.3inc. 2 XH plus 30-100g 15-40lb #1.5-#4.0 293g
FOSS-86ML・EG 8ft.6inc. 2 ML - #2-#3.5 Egi #0.4-#1.0 106g
FOSS-86M・EG 8ft.6inc. 2 M - #2.5-#4 Egi #0.6-#1.2 110g
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